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DCX3510-M: Connecting to an External eSATA DVR

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How do I connect the DCX3510-M set-top to an external eSATA DVR?


This document describes the rear connection of the DCX3510-M to a external DVR storage.


  • Contact the cable service provider to verify that the set-top software is necessary to support External DVR Storage in the available area.

Before moving or changing components on the entertainment system, review the following:

  • For basic cable connections, use 75-ohm coaxial cables equipped with F-type connectors.
  • Disconnect power from your equipment before connecting or changing cable connections.



Connecting to a DVR Storage

  1. Connect the AC power cord to the external drive and plug the external drive's AC power adapter into an electrical outlet.

    NOTE: Only connect external hard drives that have been approved by Motorola for external DVR service.  Connecting an external drive that has not been approved could result in poor DVR performance.

  • Allow approximately 15 to 30 seconds for the external drive to reach operating speed.
  • Connect one end of the eSATA cable to the set-top box.
  • Connect the other end of the eSATA cable to the external drive.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.




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